Everyone Is Precious

Alfa Omega is a non-formal school that believes that every child is a genius. But, as Albert Einstein once said, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole live believing that it is stupid.
Thus, we do not judge our students only by their academic scores, but also by every talent that they posseses.


Pre School

Alfa Omega School early childhood education program focuses on development of early age. Not just providing academic knowledge, we also prepare sets of activities and facilities to make sure every child experience knowledge given. We help them building their characters and at the same time exploring their creativity as children enriched with biblical values.


Elementary School

Our elementary grades direct students to find their passion through both academic and talent classes, all presented with an ever-adapting and evolving methods built upon biblical values to suit our constantly evolving world.


Junior High School

In our Junior High School program we begin to give our students a new learning framework consisting two main points, integrated studies, and talent-developing classes along with character building based on the principles of the Bible.


Senior High School

The Senior High School Program in Alfa Omega School is focusing in sharpening skills and talents of all students. Our program offers a personal approach of learning methods for each student. Educators in this program is conditioned as a personal life coach, equipped by knowledge both in academic subjects and life skills. We prepare all students to face the outside world with confidence. This program is a continuation of earlier education stages in our school.


Alfa Culture

Attitude - Life Skill - Family - Action

  • Attitude

    Character is the basis for building relationship internally and externally.

  • Life Skill

    The ability of a person to develop themselves in solving life problems.

  • Family

    Learning to be a part of Alfa Omega Family.

  • Action

    Habits in every activity or project where each person or group plans, organizes, runs and evaluates.

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