Having its motto “Everyone Is Precious”, Alfa Omega is a non-formal educational institution that believes all children have capacity to be developed as per their individual talent. Alfa Omega School create a young generation of people who are creative and innovative, and who have strong leadership skills and strong character and heart of serving.

Alfa Omega School was established in 2011 and located in Tangerang. Now we are accommodating more than 300 students from Kindergarten to High School. We have been applying curriculum that encourages students to think and analyse rather than memorize facts and figures in order to gain meaningful concepts. We also provide adequate room for students to develop their talents and interests. In this way, students are more prepared with skills required to enter the world of professional work.


To build a generation of God-fearing leaders who excel in their fields and possess full of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and a God-pleasing character.


  • To provide the students with a holistic and qualified education enhanced with character building within
  • To cultivate and develop talent that God has put in every student
  • To foster and develop in every student creativity with critical and analytical thinking


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