Rumah Edukasi Alfa Omega – Tangerang, ID nominated for WAF 2018. The World Architecture Festival is where the world architecture community meets to celebrate learn, exchange and be inspired. It is the only architecture event where keynote talks from the industry’s most influential figures sit alongside live crit presentations and judging of over 550 award finalists, global networking, a 550 project strong gallery and an international product exhibition.

The design is the extension of unconscious of owners, architects, environments, art, and so many layers. The idea is to extend architecture to the realm of the owners. I think that the reading of the layers is needed to provide rich lenses for many readings to come.

It is generally known that the spirit of locality is a process embedded in the practice of sustainable architecture, where the sustainable architecture itself is the product of the process. Meanwhile, the locality itself is an approach in the design process that considers its certain situation and location. In sustainable architecture, there are aspects of optimality that regard as basic criteria to be considered, such as the limitations and conditions in the site, optimization of building technology, and the relation of existing resources that nurtured by its social organizations. Yet, at the same time taking them into account about the risk that might occur in the future by managing its resources optimally that relatively limited.



Having its motto “Everyone Is Precious”, Alfa Omega is a non-formal educational institution that believes all children have capacity to be developed as per their individual talent. Alfa Omega School create a young generation of people who are creative and innovative, and who have strong leadership skills and strong character and heart of serving.

Alfa Omega School was established in 2011 and located in Tangerang. Now we are accommodating more than 300 students from Kindergarten to High School. We have been applying curriculum that encourages students to think and analyse rather than memorize facts and figures in order to gain meaningful concepts. We also provide adequate room for students to develop their talents and interests. In this way, students are more prepared with skills required to enter the world of professional work.


To build a generation of God-fearing leaders who excel in their fields and possess full of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and a God-pleasing character.


  • To provide the students with a holistic and qualified education enhanced with character building within
  • To cultivate and develop talent that God has put in every student
  • To foster and develop in every student creativity with critical and analytical thinking


ALFA Culture


Character is the basis for building relationship internally and externally. For internally is to build positive things from their personalities and accept themselves as precious creation. Externally is to build personal relationship with God, others and nature, also entrusted to be led and responsible with nature and the environment.


Life Skill

The ability of a person to develop themselves in solving life problems and finding solutions in managing interrelated resources between leadership, skills, knowledge, broad insight and have entrepreneurial spirit.


Learning to be a part of Alfa Omega Family. Whoever you are in the Alfa Omega School, you are part of the family. From school security guards, office boy, staff, administrator, teachers, students, parents and all those inside it are Alfa Omega one big family.


Habits in every activity or project where each person or group plans, organizes, runs and evaluates.

Our Programs

Pre School

Alfa Omega School early childhood education program focuses on development of early age. Not just providing academic knowledge, we also prepare sets of activities and facilities to make sure every child experience knowledge given. We help them building their characters and at the same time exploring their creativity as children enriched with biblical values.

Our program stimulate five senses responses of our children (see, hear, smell, feel and touch) by using tools and learning activities of children.

As our building built in green and natural theme, we provides children experience to get in touch with nature around the school such as rice fields, trees, farms, fish, bamboo and other natural elements. Every child has a chance to play and at the same time sinking in the depth of basic knowledges of natural life.

Elementary School

Our elementary grades direct students to find their passion through both academic and talent classes, all presented with an ever-adapting and evolving methods built upon biblical values to suit our constantly evolving world.

We believe that the sought of true passion can be started in elementary school, thus Alfa Omega School set a system where every student would get to know the basics of hard and soft skills. Through the system, everyone will start to know their passion as they experiencing the joy of learning.

Junior High School

In our Junior High School program we begin to give our students a new learning framework consisting two main points, integrated studies, and talent-developing classes along with character building based on the principles of the Bible. We use the system of thematic learning in Integrated Studies where our students get all the knowledge they need for the next grade by doing experiments and research both inside and

outside their classes. We believe that this method of learning could stimulate the students to identify problems, extract the ideas of possible solutions, and be confident to present it to the public.

As for the talent-developing classes, students will learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses to choose classes according to their talents. In three years of Junior High School Program, each student has equal chance to try two classes for each semester to find their true talent and be prepared to develop it deeper in the next level.

Senior High School

The Senior High School Program in Alfa Omega School is focusing in sharpening skills and talents of all students. Our program offers a personal approach of learning methods for each student. Educators in this program is conditioned as a personal life coach, equipped by knowledge both in academic subjects and life skills. We prepare all students to face the outside world with confidence. This program is a continuation of earlier education stages in our school.

After building creativity in the pre-school program, knowing their passion through our elementary grades, and trained to think critically and creatively, our students are presented with independent-personal study.

Each student will be guided to find their own method to learn effectively. Every educators are directed to trigger students’ curiosity to solve specific problems around them with realistic solutions based on researched and extracted theory.

We are preparing the students to be leaders with God-pleasing characters, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to make an impact in their respective fields.

Talent Classes

Here in Alfa Omega School, we believe that every student is special in their own way. Each and every one of them is gifted & talented, thus we prepared talent classes to nurture their potentials. In these classes, students will be equipped by basic-to-advanced knowledge taught according to their own learning capabilities. Through this classes, everyone can acquire specific skills that can’t be learned in regular classes


Kohler Bold Design Awards 2018

The KOHLER Bold Design Awards is a design competition for hospitality, residential and commercial property professionals in the region.

In March 2019, during the gala award ceremony, Rumah Edukasi Alfa Omega – Tangerang, nominated to be Culture Finalist from Kohler Bold Design Awards 2018.

This competition serves as a platform to showcase tomorrow’s best talents in the field of design and innovation. A jury of renowned international and Indonesian architects and designers will select the most outstanding projects.

World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2018

Rumah Edukasi Alfa Omega – Tangerang, ID nominated for WAF 2018 in RAI Amsterdam.

The World Architecture Festival is where the world architecture community meets to celebrate learn, exchange and be inspired. It is the only architecture event where keynote talks from the industry’s most influential figures sit alongside live crit presentations and judging of over 550 award finalists, global networking, a 550 project strong gallery and an international product exhibition.

School Accreditation 2018

In November 2018 PKBM Alfa Omega have been awarded A Accreditation Status for all levels of our education programs (Paket A, B, dan C) by BAN-PNF (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Pendidikan Non Formal) to recognise our progress as an educational institution.

We were awarded by BAN-PNF for the first time and we are the only one who achieve this in the Banten Province as a Non-Formal Education Institution providing Paket A, B, and C (as recorded in “Daftar Satuan Pusat Kegiatan Belajar Masyarakat Provinsi Banten Tahap III Tahun 2018”). We are delighted of our achievement and would like to thank all parents, students, teachers, and all those who contributed in this accreditation process.

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